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Ordinary people on Earth can't imagine or believe anything they haven't seen.
REX, the organizer of THE-GUNBOT, also didn't believe in U.F.O until he witnessed the actual U.F.O.Is it really an imaginary world…

The-Gunbot is a landlocked Telus kingdom deep in Mount Shasta, California, where a messy civilization descends from the underworld of Tibet, where we live It starts with the imagination that.

The main character finds out through THE-GUNBOT that the main character doesn't know, and because of another animation, the main character in the animation You imagine yourself and have dreams and hopes. The Gunbot hopes that children will become great people who can take responsibility for themselves and the people around them as they grow up I planned and produced it.

In 2035, many countries were wary of each other on the planet Earth, including reckless development of nuclear weapons to protect their own country, Al robots and weapons I'm making it, and because of this, I'm constantly exposed to the threat of war...Then one day, the Earth comes across something surprising unexpectedly.

Another earth in the earth that has only been handed down as a myth! The common dirty world! I discovered the kingdom of Telos. In the middle of Antarctica and the North Pole, under the sea or behind the waterfall There is an entrance to the vast dome-shaped common messy world telos in Hamrock, and they were living peacefully coexisting with the earth on the ground.

With a history of about 12,000 people, Telos has established a five-dimensional, advanced civilization with no life-sustaining soldiers, with highly developed art and science, especially astronomy and geometry, Most of what exists on earth, especially when the land is fertile and covered with mysterious vegetation bearing strange colors and fragrances…

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Akela Docking Plane

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Akelon Docking Plane