1992 ~ Present

  • 2022

    February Haitai Beverage Character Cap is being supplied

  • 2016


  • 2015

    December The delivery of seafood drinks – Current

  • 2014

    FebruaryContract for E-Rom Co., Ltd January Hyesung INC Establishes Corporation

  • 2013

    JulyContract for Ssangyong Motor Co., Ltd January K-Food Co., Ltd. Contract

  • 2012

    February Paris Baguette, E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, GS, etc. are among the four major discount marts in Korea JanuaryPfizer-Robocapoli contract

  • 2011

    May Sangil Beverage Co., Ltd. Contract JanuaryYoung Industrial Tobot Animation License Agreement/Hyesung Beverage Co., Ltd. Established

  • 2010

    May 대원미디어, 영실업 등 라이선스 계약 February Zhengzhou City, China - Lotte Orderly Contract (Lotte Chilsung Beverage) / Establishment of a joint venture in Mingtai Toy Factory, China

  • 2009

    FebruaryAsia Star Entertainment Corporation Established

  • 2008

    FabruaryGwangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

  • 2007

    May Pepsi Cola Contract 08 Woongjin Food-Character Beverage Bottle Lid and TOY'S Delivery January Signed a contract with Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd.

  • 2006

    December Establishment of Hong Kong HoYong International Trading Company November Joa Pharmaceutical-Character Nutritional Supplies. Beverage Delivery September Established Ho Yong Trading Company in Guangdong, China April Character bottle cap for drinks with ring-applied utility model patent application

  • 2005

    08 China Shanghai Bobby Sega Co., Ltd.-Beverage Company Contract 08 Haitai Beverage Co., Ltd. - Beverage delivery contract with character attached

  • 2004

    September China Guangdong-Draw Beverage Company Contract / Hyesung Beverage Co., Ltd. Established 08 Ilhwa Beverage Co., Ltd.-Let's play with a new concept of play drink-OEM beverage production and delivery June China HAO-ZHENG TOY'S FACTORY Delivery Agreement 05Let's play Dujiya-Character License Agreement

  • 2003

    September Tropical Fruit-Yuzu-Drink Manufacturing Method-Patent Application 08Drink mercenary cap PCT with character (China)-Overseas patent application June Beverage bottle cap equipped with character-Application for utility model and technical evaluation completed

  • 2002

    February Korea-U.S. Beverage Delivery Agreement/Tomoya Island Beverage Agreement

  • 2001

    January Establishment of Magic Space Corporation

  • 2000

    February Beverage bottle lid with character attached – Deciding on technical evaluation of utility model application

  • 1992

    SeptemberDaehan Production Establishment